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Free SharewareOver the last few years we have made out to compose a worthy group of software masters that come from several backgrounds and blow up the creative potency of the corporation. The expertness that they have embraces a broad range of custom computer programing skills implying the latest and most efficient development engineerings, like .NET (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET), XML and a lot more. This to a cracking extent specifies the quality and reliability of the custom software package applications that we produce.

We provide custom application program services to end buyers and we render quality goods at a good rate. Our competency and experience ascertain that we render excellent services and goods to our buyers. At each level of the development procedure, from conceptual design to good release, the most eminent quality measures are serviced. Our extended communication facilities let us keep in touch with our clients twenty-four hours a day.

We offer a broad range of utility programs, developing tools and a lot of other goods gratis to our clients. We know that a lot of today’s small businesses rely intemperately on free tools to assist their business’s day-after-day processes. We desire that you’ll find our free goods valuable and welcome any remarks or suggestions that could assist us increasing your business’s productiveness. All of our freeware goods are spyware free, no ‘call homes’ and don’t require a good activating key. All Freeware goods are supported with the GNU General Public License.

As the cyberspace gets ubiquitous, a calm revolution is coming about in the software business. Modern enterprises are getting up out of nowhere and speedily gaining control in emerging marketplace sections by freely administering their goods. The old participants are rethinking and retooling their assumptions, giving out software demonstrations and updates online.

A general part of this rotation is shareware. Shareware as well implies demoware, test software, crippleware and frequently, exactly the same in work as commercial packages. The fundamental principle is simple – let the product be given out and used freely but make it uncompleted in some manner. The purchaser can then buy the omitting element, be it a registration code, surplus piece of software package, some support or merely a clear conscience.

We supply our buyers with prime goods. Our good range may alter over time. As a matter of fact our good range is ever changing. We learn that our buyers want the very cutting-edge in design and originality in good thoughts.

All stuffs moderated on this site are secured by United States copyright law and may not be multiplied, distributed, transmitted, showed, issued or broadcast without the prior composed permit of Shareware, LLP or in the case of one-third party stuffs, the owner of that material. You might not alter or move out any trademark, right of first publication or other notice from replicates of the content.

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Free software is a quickly developing shareware programming corporation with home office in the capital of Oklahoma. We are professionals in the development of software application, programmes that embrace many dissimilar areas such as utilities, developing tools and freeware goods. Particularly, our company conducts the development of software packages used by a number of dissimilar buyers from IT masters to the daily computer novice.

The fundamental concept behind developing iphone programs is to alter the way in which people communicate with one another or assist them to carry out complex tasks easily. A large number of iphone applications can be obtained on the internet and dedicated stores and all of them contribute in one way or perhaps the other to improve the experience of the end user.

The fascinating part is that iphone development is not constrained to a solitary section. These types of kinds of innovations include a wide range of areas such as financial, video games, weather, media, training, business, and so on. Whenever you utilize your cellular phone to determine the local weather, or if you use it to ascertain the most recent foreign exchange prices, you are able to be sure that the results furnished to you’re due to mobile programs operating in the background. – Download Free Software

If you tire of trying to remember all the useful software tools that you might look for on a fresh install, we suggest you check out File Hippo, an excellent resource for the latest software.

In one location you’ll find download links for a huge range of open-source, freeware and shareware tools, utilities, media players, and much more. Some of our favourite web design tools are in there as well, including Notepad++ and MySQL. In addition to this, File Hippo have created their own update checker, which allows you to quickly find out if there are newer versions of your installed software available. In their own words:

With our aim is to provide you with the simplest method of downloading the newest versions of the best software – without the usual excessive popups or spyware and without the low quality software.

What’s on offer?

File Hippo have broken everything down into helpful categories:

File Hippo Screenshot 1

  • Browsers and Plugins
  • File Sharing
  • Messaging and Chat
  • File Transfer
  • Office and News
  • Developer Tools
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Firewalls and Security
  • Anti-Virus
  • Cleaning and Tweaking
  • Compression and Backup
  • Benchmarking
  • Networking
  • Audio and Video
  • CD and DVD Tools
  • Desktop
  • Imaging
  • Drivers

It is certainly an extensive list and what’s more it’s kept vigorously up to date, even to the extent that they seem to get updates out faster than some software manages to self-update1.

Each piece of software they list has it’s own page, complete with a description of the software, some screen shots, and not just a download link but a collection of previous versions just in case an older version offers something you’re missing.

File Hippo Screenshot 2

From a licensing point of view, File Hippo do show Commercial Trials and Shareware in addition to the Freeware and Open Source offerings, but they have a useful filter that allows you to cut out those trials and shareware, as well as being able to filter out beta versions of software.

All in all, not only have we found most of the software that we use regularly, but the site has also revealed a few useful tools which we hadn’t come across before such as XN View, Process Explorer, Maxthon and more.

The cherry on top!

File Hippo Update Checker

If all of that isn’t enough to tweak your interest, then you need to know about the File Hippo Update Checker.

The update checker is a useful little utility that runs direct from a downloadable exe2, and scans your computer for what versions of software you have installed. They then take this information and sends it to their server to see if they can offer you any newer versions and/or beta versions.

It does require the Microsoft .NET framework, version 2.0, but of course this is available as a download on their site as well.

File Hippo Update Checker Results

If you’re concerned about having your computer scanned and information flying off across the internet, don’t worry, their privacy policy is very clear on this:

The Update Checker will not send any personal information back to The only information collected is a list of programs and their versions, along with the operating system details to help with processing. Additionally none of this is linked to your IP address and the logs are deleted after processing.

The results are impressive. As you can see from the screen shot, everything from my ATI catalyst drivers, to IE and Non-IE versions of the latest flash player, to Google Desktop (which is meant to be self-updating as well!). In addition to this, File Hippo picked up 7 beta versions of software we have installed, of which 3 or 4 will definitely be tested out.

We recommend you check out their site, and feel pretty sure you’ll be going back there over and again.

Contains freeware, demo and shareware programs to download in several categories. Also features latest updates and most popular downloads.

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Update Checker

Welcome to the new Update Checker!  The 

Firefox 13.0 Beta 6

Firefox 10.0.2 – Firefox 10.0 – Firefox 9.0.1 – Firefox 11.0 – 


CCleaner 3.14.1616 – CCleaner 3.01.1327 – CCleaner 3.13.1600


Avira AntiVir Personal – FREE Antivirus is a reliable free 

VLC Media Player 2.0.3

VLC Media Player 2.0.3. [No Filter] VLC Media Player 1.1.11 


Skype – Skype Beta – Skype – Technical


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Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

hippo updater

hippo updater (Photo credit: αnnα)



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