Late in 2010, the World Cell Phone Users Reach 5 Billion.

Late in 2010, the World Cell Phone Users Reach 5 Billion. The number of users of Cell phone operators in the world is estimated at five billion users. Until the first quarter of 2010 this number reached approximately 4.8 billion cell phone users.

The data is disclosed to ABI Research as reported by PC Advisor, Thursday (01/07/2010). Most growth of users are in Africa and Asia Pacific.

“The improvement of this very high driven by growth in India and Indonesia, both countries add approximately 150 million users throughout the four quarters ago,” said ABI Research analyst, Bhavya Khanna.

While Africa has recorded the fastest cell phone user growth year on year approximately 22 percent. “For the Asia Pacific region, in 2010 estimated the number of service users grew 65 percent,” said Bhavya.

Stimulus of the high number of new users, continued Bhavya, partly because of lower tariffs and cheap handsets presence and aggressiveness in a number of cellular operators.

In some regions like North America and Europe, the possible number of user growth will be smaller because of the penetration in the region close to 100 percent.

Samsung S3650 Corby Review Samsung S3650 Corby Review. Samsung, has released their latest range of mobile phones named Corby. The phone is also present in Indonesia with a choice of 2 Samsung S3650 Corby which has the advantage with its touch screen and the Samsung B3210 Corby TXT has querty with mono block design. Corby’s arrival in Indonesia complete with the lure of price and features so-called friendly for mobile users who are still at school. The first impression that arises from this product are: small, powerful color combination, and will feature heavy social network. This clearly shows the seriousness of Samsung aiming adolescents. Coupled with animated themes inherent in the main menu or applications. From the outside, the whole body Samsung S3650 Corby was made of plastic material wrapped with 2 dominant colors shining. The shape was quite unique, Samsung said they are inspired by the curve luxury cars. As a result, these small products was very fit when grasped.

Detail :

* Network: Quad-band GSM / EDGE
* Screen: 2.8 “QVGA 262K TFT
* Camera: 2 Mega pixels
* Video: H.263, MP4
* Internal Memory: 90 MB with microSD support up to 8GB.
* FM radio with RDS
* TouchWiz And the cartoon-style interface
* Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
+ Unique interface
+ Bargain
+ Widget which can facilitate navigation

– No Wi-Fi and 3G
– Need a lot of new adjustments when used

Google to Focus the Android on Low-end Cell Phone

Google Android PhoneGoogle to Focus the Android on Low-end Cell Phone. Facing the competition with its rival, Apple and Nokia, Google actually plans to focus on Android to low-end cell phone market. Google will bury more of the Android operating system to low-end phones in Asia, especially in China and India.

Andy Rubin, vice-president of Engineering, Google in an interview with BussinesWeek, Wednesday (30/06/2010), said Google will also help application developers in two countries so that they can sell more applications and content for Android.

Some vendors who would collaborate with Google to deliver an Android phone at an affordable price are Huawei Technologies and LG Electronics.

“Opportunities in the low-end market are still quite broad. See’s going to happen, this is a revolution,” said Rubin.

Google Android today is a weapon not only in the mobile segment. But Google sees Android could be used as new ways to achieve revenues in the mobile market is estimated at USD13,5 billion of advertising.

Therefore, Google has developed some support for the Android one of which is continuously developing application services. Applications in the Android Market now reached approximately 65 000 applications. When compared with the number of applications in the AppStore is this small numbered, articles in the App Store now has approximately 200 000 applications.

“We actually had to walk according to the pattern,” Rubin said, referring to Gartner’s analysis which predicts the Android OS will be the second largest after Nokia in 2012.

Wi-Fi – Main Enemy of the Cellphone’s Battery

Wi-Fi Cell Phone. Wi-Fi – Main Enemy of the Cellphone’s Battery. Batteries become the most important components for each handset. A number of manufacturers trying to offer mobile phones with battery life lasting up to tens of hours.

The big mobile phone manufacturer in USA,, claims the battery on the iPhone 4 more durable about 30 percent compared to the previous generation iPhone. Still, battery life only claim unilateral number of mobile phone vendors.

Vendors continue to seek cell phone up to now the main reason battery drain or the largest part of the battery drain. Microsoft Research India along with technicians from the University of Texas and the University of Wisconsin-Madison is now the leading cause of rapidly finding the last end to the battery. According to Eric Rozner of the University of Texas, the main enemy of batteries is a Wi-Fi in devices like cell phones, tablet computers and devices that have Wi-Fi radio connectivity.

“Wi-Fi is quite efficient compared to 3G while it is transferring data, but look at how much energy is consumed when turned on Wi-Fi connection while when no data transfer, Wi-Fi becomes very inefficient,” he said as reported by Rozner mobiletoday enterprise, Tuesday (29/06/2010).

He said that, while Wi-Fi connection was not working to spend about 60 percent of the battery, even sometimes directly discharged handset batteries some time to activate the Wi-Fi connection. he mentions the HTC mobile phone battery for example, who went to work three times when using Wi-Fi.

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