Would You Live in Any of These? World’s Wildest Houses

In this installment, explore the interior and exteriors of 8 wild houses, including a boat house made from one of Howard Hughes’ airplanes and an advance concept lounge-on-wheels that was unveiled at The Venice Biennial just a few months ago.

froschkoenig treehouse by bauraum treehouse designers

High-End Hideaway

This unit was built for a couple to be a grown-up getaway. But Baumraum will make yours to order. “Our big focus in the planning and construction of the houses is careful handling of the trees,” architect Andreas Wenning says. Treehouses can feature custom skylights and beds, as shown here. They can also be wired for electricity or plumbed for a small bathroom.

froschkoenig tree house built by baumraum tree house designers in germany

The Gobcobatron

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Missouri

A 24-year-old named Ziggy built this eco-friendly cob house (also known as “The Gobcobatron”) for about $3,000. Over nine months and with the help of about 75 visitors and friends, Ziggy “stomped” 219 batches of cob—that is, he literally pounded his feet over a barely wet mixture of straw, clay, and sand, molding it into curvy walls. “When designing my cob house, it was a goal to keep building costs very low and obtain as many building materials as locally as possible,” the builder says.

cob house in

DIY Mud Mansion

Ziggy provides a materials list and Recipe for Building a Cob House for those of you in search of an eco-friendly DIY challenge.

the inside of ziggy's cob house

House on Water

Northwest Coast of the Greek Zante Island

Poland’s Formodesign made this concrete and steel floating home to be fully powered by surrounding water and sunlight. The structure cantilevers from a central core and is stabilized by a concrete counterweight.

floating house off hte coast of the greek isles

High-Tech On Deck

Innovative technology complements the ultramodern living quarters: The luxury house-boat features water desalination, natural ventilation, an automated shading system, and more.

formodesign house on the water in the Mediterranean sea


Den Haag, Netherlands

European tire crafters, Millegomme, created this structure for a client who wanted extra office space inside his house. Instead, builders Denis Oudendijk and Jan Korbesteam convinced the homeowner to put his “garden house” to better use. After demolishing the old structure, the team reused the wood they tore down, along with glass salvaged from a closed business nearby and recycled car tires from a local garage

home office made of reclaimed materials
garden house, home office made of tires

The Tire House

The four-season office and storage space is accessed by a side door, and ventilation is provided by four rooftop registers. Skylights provide plenty of natural light. “During the first winter, wind, rain, and snow tested the prototype and encouraged us to build more independent units,” Oudendijk said.

House in the Clouds

Suffolk, London

This structure was built in 1923 to house the water supply for the village of Thorpeness. In an effort to make the tower less of an eyesore, architects Glencairne Stuart Ogilvie and F. Forbes Glennie decided to throw a charming little cottage on top of it, which would house the water tank itself. When the structure outlived its usefulness, the waterworks were removed in 1979 and the place now serves as an inn called House in the Clouds. It now sits adjacent to a golf course and features unparalleled views of the sea at Suffolk Heritage Coast.

house in the clouds in suffolk

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