Cubes Optical Illusion | Mighty Optical Illusions

Cubes Optical Illusion | Mighty Optical Illusions.

According to some people, there should be some kind of illusionary movement present in this sphere below. Well, maybe I have paranoia, but still it didn’t work with me. Something other caught my intention; aside that it’s really nice image, can you see those little cubes inside and around the sphere? If you observer them more closely, you will realize they can both be viewed pointing up, as well as pointing down. Which way is it then? I’ll let you decide. It’s really much similar to fortune wheel we had before – once you saw it move in other direction, you probably had troubles seeing it like before. Same happened to me with that Mars Crater. Go check them, and please comment your experience with the illusion below.

Cubes Optical Illusion

Shakespeare in Love

Just to inform you, that I have really important exam in two days! It’s really important for me to pass it, so please keep your fingers crossed 😉 Maybe your positive energy combined, will tunnel to my teacher’s mind (in some unnatural way), jumping through hyper-space and help me pass.. hehe, not really sure, but can’t do any harm if you try it. So keep them crossed, just in case. Expecting positive feedback on this one 😉 Don’t listen to me, I hadn’t got much sleep last few days so am probably babling nonsence… Anyway, here’s another illusion for you! Not much to be said on this one, we all know picture is worth thousand words – and this is the case, with this Shakespeare “portrait”… Or is it Maximilien Robespierre? You tell me…
Shakespeare in Love

Pavement Waterfall Optical Illusion

Just when I wanted to complain how Edgar Müller’s pavement drawings, (even though being extremely professional and realistic) all form some kind of giant holes in the ground, I received his Waterfall project. Yup, it still has some kind of descending implemented, but this one should also stand proud next to his previous projects. It may be useful to mention that Waterfall pavement drawing was in fact Edgar’s first project. I have added few more photos inside this post, but even more can be found inside the gallery beneath. With about 270 m², this painting was exhibited on the occasion of the Prairie Art Festival. Check Edgar Müller tag for more of his works!


You can see Edgar’s Waterfall from different angles:

The Perfect Storm Illusion

As he said himself, M. Shahadat Hossain (the submitter of this artwork), found it while browsing the net. It is a very interesting illustration concept of a storm, and a shipwreck in it. It looks as if there is a terrible faith awaiting these young sailors hanging from the foremast. Just move your head away from the monitor, and you’ll become aware of their destiny too. It gave me chills first time I saw it. Skulls were very popular in art few centuries ago, and carried a pretty big influence on artists today. I’m not quite sure when this illustration was created, nor who is the original author, but never the less its real masterpiece! Enjoy. Be sure to check our previous scary illusion, as well as other skull art from the archives.

Skull Optical IllusionSkull Optical Illusion

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